Mission Statement

Parents often approach me for information on the BlackLit101 program trying to understand the passion behind my premise of re-education and what exactly re-education actually means.
From my perspective, re-education means undoing many of the hurtful “truths” we’ve come to accept as Black people. It means learning to really value ourselves as human beings and demand higher standards of conduct without compromise. It means unpacking and understanding the derogative and demeaning qualities and stereotypes that have been extended to us as second class citizens and combating those lowered expectations through developing awareness and forming “new norms”.

BlackLit101 is a vehicle to deliver information and is a forum for Black learners to develop knowledge of SELF. BlackLit101 is a private organization where Black parents, Black community members and Black learners can gain needed educational and developmental support with the goal of helping to instill a positive cultural esteem and a guiding path for individual development and the success of Black students.

In privatizing an independent education system and developing comprehensive education support of our Black learners, the control over our mental state is eliminated through culturally enriching their overall educational experience in using a socially responsible, historically factual, relative, current and relevant curriculum. We know that when any person is taught the value of self, the freedom of mind, body and spirit become aligned. This program is designed to offer something our learners rarely have; A positively charged learning environment that fuses culturally relative information with instructors and peers who are also Black.
Much importance and focus is placed upon the power of communication, self esteem and attitude. Learners are influenced to dream and imagine and try and to dare to be successful. Careers outside of the traditional framework are introduced and learners are empowered to believe that they can effect progress and change and that we are each born with the innate responsibility to our communities and to our ancestors to rise above what North American society has attributed to us as “standards”
Through BlackLit101, learners are educated to think differently about the role of Black people in the Canadian workforce, the importance of entrepreneurship and supporting Black business. They are exposed to examples of successful enterprise where young Black people are generally not familiar with and they are enlightened to explore the possibilities the future may hold for them.

This program holds a multitude of benefits in terms of educational support for Black students but, it’s also about something much larger;
Our children deserve to be holistically healthy so that they face the future with the full capacity of all of their faculties in tact. I know this program helps to divulge the true meaning behind the adage “knowledge is power”.
I believe with all my heart that this is possible and I will spend the rest of my natural life working to free the minds of our most valuable resources; Black gold, our children.

Light reflected is enlightenment infinite.

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