Bad Mother

Do Better
Stop pretending that you’re deeper than you are
When your vocabulary’s bland and your vision

Please believe that you will reap what you sow
When your children can’t read their
average below

Quit neglecting the ones you brought onto this Earth
It sure wasn’t my tax funds who
gave birth

How can you deny and take life for a joke
You think you’re a dime but you stay
on #teambroke

Steady in the hair shop and getting them nails did
But you don’t make the time and read to
Your kids

Knowing this about You should make You inflamed!
You’re too busy trickin’ to even
Be shamed

Your job is to teach them about their self-wealth
All you’ve been doing’s making them
Hate themselves

One day you’ll feel it, one day you’ll see
When the secret is out that your babes
Hate mommy…

Rachelle M. Turple
*From “The Bad Parent Verses”. More to come…


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4 responses to “Bad Mother

  1. Heidi

    Breaks my heart knowing there are poor babies out there in need of love. We all have a story, and it is up to each other to reach out and listen. Sometimes it’s the innocence that teaches the ignorant, and sometimes the ignorant will never learn.

  2. It’s very unfortunate to see how bad of a mother some women are. They put it out for the world to see on Facebook or Instagram, yet have the nerve to claim people are judging them unfairly or are “haters”. I feel bad for these kids. By the time they’re of age there will be images on the web of their mothers in compromising positions. But these women don’t think about that. They only think of themselves

    • Agreed! We live in a “do now”, instant photograph, microwave, INSTANT GRATIFICATION expecting society. The repercussions are atrocious in terms of how our children will be effected by our actions. I don’t think I ever saw my mother fully unclothed, she’d never dream of disrespecting herself or her children for that matter by disrobing for the world. When then they stop making ’em like that? I would NEVER. I’m not sure what the motivation is beyond major insecurities and serious self loathing. Women who love themselves keep it under wraps. Muhammed Ali put it like this:

  3. I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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