I Will Always Return To Zimbabwe

Baobab Beauty

I will always return to Zimbabwe
Precious jewel of Africa
Birthplace for my love of travel
And my fear of ignorance
First away from Neverland experience
Where I was never treated like a stranger
So far away from Nova Scotia
Welcomed and protected
Educated and informed
My exodus to a “home” I can never claim
But wish I could

I will always return to Zimbabwe
Bus rides to Bulawayo
To meet the Sandy plains of Hwange
On to Dete for a polite midnight Braai
and warm sadza
and Scud shared from a cup
Lazy train ride to Victoria Falls
Where my ashes will one day scatter
Forever flowing on the Zembezi
To mingle with the Crocodiles and the Hippos
Where being colored is just the state of being

I will always return to Zimbabwe
She in all her Babobab beauty
Glorious sunsets and freezing cold mornings
Nachies for breakfast
The best fried chicken and tomatoes
I’d ever tasted
Non genetically modified foods
Still tasting Nando’s on my tongue
All these years later
Rich red Earth
Dusty sandals and toes
After a walk through Harare suburbs
Realizing suburbs exist beyond Canada

I will always return to Zimbabwe
Friendships forged through
Mbange conversations
About politricks and passion
And items
And way too much cheap alcohol
High density areas that taught me
District 9 isn’t just a sci fi movie
It’s a social commentary
“have and have not” mentality
I grew a whole foot in Zimbabwe
My 24th year of life
Naïve and
Newly born.

~Rachelle M. Turple


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12 responses to “I Will Always Return To Zimbabwe

  1. Nice. Awakening a memory that I did not know I had.

  2. Good post, great poem. Makes me want to go to Zimbabwe.

  3. Thank you for that beautiful piece of inspiration. We all need that reminder that we did actually come originally from Africa and that she will always be part of us. A part we must get to know.

    • My words are reflective of my experience and it shaped my life in a major way.
      I’m very glad you enjoyed it 😉

    • I wanted to travel within Africa ever since I was a little girl. When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it. I encourage anybody who’s ever had the desire to travel to do the same. It’s simply Wonder Full:)

  4. Good evening, Rachelle,
    Your poem has touched me in ways that I have yet to fully understand. In my own life (that is – the life that I know as now and not accounting for previous lifetimes which are an entirely different story!!) I would substitute the name Ghana for the name Zimbabwe (both among the many “jewels” of Africa), and in my case I returned many, many times, sometimes for extended periods during a stretch of more than forty years.
    We all came from Africa, only at different times and in different circumstances. Yet at some primordial level, we all feel our common heritage, even those who choose not to acknowledge it. It is our “home” which you can and should claim, and which cannot be denied.
    Blessings to you for your important work and for your inspired writing. Best wishes.

  5. villagerainbows

    I first read your poem yesterday but have waited until this evening to respond. It has touched me in ways that I have yet to understand. In my life (meaning the life that we understand as now, and not previous lives that we have lived) I would substitute “Ghana” for “Zimbabwe” (each among the many “jewels” of Africa) to which I have returned and lived many times over a period of more than forty years.
    We have all come from Africa, only at different times and under different circumstances, even those who choose to deny our history. In that sense, you have every right to claim it as your “home” and I encourage you to do so.
    Blessings to you for the very important work that you do and for your inspired writing.
    Best wishes.

    • Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I intend to return to Africa and travel and be among her people. That experience was a gift for me, food for my spirit…
      I’m glad you found this site 🙂

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