From Mis-education to Self-education: Taking Responsibility for our Mental Freedom

A personal dialogue on the importance of self-awareness and on who the overall onus of educating our children lies with.

“Currently, it is the schools that are majorly responsible for socializing, instilling values, moralizing and instructing Black learners. I believe that in handing near total control over to the education system, we are allowing for the systematic annihilation of our intellectual and therefore future potential. We are inviting people whose best interests it is to keep us ignorant, docile and complacent to have control and dominance over our minds. We are permitting our children to be systematically and purposefully prepared to be “larger” society’s worker ants.

Why do we do this? Because during the civil rights movements we naively and ignorantly fought to assimilate our education along with those who did not want us on their school property let alone in their classrooms. Those who never intended “formal” education be extended to us and furthermore, we put the control of our “mind building” into the hands of people who did…

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One response to “From Mis-education to Self-education: Taking Responsibility for our Mental Freedom

  1. Amenta

    I do find this quite interesting and on point. How do we move these thoughts about white supremacy from the school’s classrooms to the hospital and on to the food supply here in North America? Surely we can counteract the lessons learned in school with our own knowledge and understanding, but how do we counteract the effects of the Standard American Diet which also affects behavior and attendance in shcools government or not?


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