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Proud Tongue


You talk some proud

You sound so white

I’ve heard since I was young

When I was just a little girl

I learned that Gullah wasn’t welcomed off my tongue.

A sea of beautiful

brown faces and yet

we’re the lucky ones

Kept hidden from our races

blind before our sons.

Our lips are bound

with wordless chains

We are made deaf to the drums

The hunger for our past remains

It cannot be undone.

Craving words of wisdom

Hands are reaching for their guns

The hollow clap of emptiness

Echoes in the slums.

And now the suburbs.

Word is mum.

So dangerous our silence

when power fills our lungs;

We’ve been robbed of our integrity

We are weakened.

We are dumb.

Until the tales are opened

and the pendulum has swung

We stand mutely by the by




~Rachelle M. Turple

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Physical Beautiful

Physical Beautiful

Confuse not my outer self with beauty

Dig into the depths of me

The shallows of my arrogance

The misconceptions of my naivety

The candid notions of my youth

Respect my intensity and always yearning for the truth

Know me

Accept my intellectual.

Embrace my inhibitions

Understand me in my modesty

My opinion is not shy

Know that my spirit is not timid

Let my love protect and saturate you

Be baptized within my vision

Know me

Need me to inspire you.

Look into my value

Regard my eyes beyond perception

Let my integrity allure you

Thirst to be my sole companion

Behold the contours of my wisdom

The refinement of my character

Know me

Consider me wonderful.

Find comfort in my loyalty

Be mystified by my bravery

Understand that I am sensitive

Trust and know that I am dedicated

Feel protected by my humility

Be humbled by my maternity

Know me

Acknowledge my maturity.

Love the content of my essence

Be awed within my presence

Aroused by my entire being

I am matrifocal, I am metaphysical

Truly philosophical, respectful of the spiritual

Believe that I am sensual

Know me

And you will find I have surpassed physical beautiful.

~Rachelle M. Turple

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There Is No Thing In The Universe Which Does Not Speak

Eye Of The Universe

The introverted eyeball too close for you to see

reflection is essential to truly see yourself

you see…

The Universe alive, acute, beautiful esprit

evolving everchanging


Free from ego, purely id,



primitively free

All within the world has meaning

a reason just to be

Itself, it has a soul despite all ambiguity

Our greatest mirror, our witness over we

to negate this principle


~Rachelle M. Turple

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Sweet Vaseline

Sweet Vaseline

Sweet Vaseline

We were
Cocoa Butter babies
with Afro-Sheen dreams
petrolleum Jelly
Sweet Vaseline

Butter caramel complexions
or hazy black blue
deep chestnut amber
opaque onyx hue

No matter the color
It’s all good for you
put some on your acne
She’s good for that too

Or, moisture depraven
split cracking lips
desperate elbows
skin dry as chips

We went from nasty and ashy
rusty to bronze
and all that it took
was to slather her on

Unruly, malicious
beautiful brown
curly delicious
natural crown

For wear anywhere
for skin or for hair
Sweet Vaseline
was our vanity fair

Rub a little bit on
Rub a little bit in
surely took care of
our beautiful skin

Silkingly glowing
shine head to toe
soft and luxorious
beautiful fro

Now yes, we use Keri
and Noxema is fine
Especially when used with the
Venus Divine

We up and moved on
to Intensive Care
and found other products
to lovely our hair

New Cocoa Butter Babies
smell of powery dew
but what was once good for us
is good for them too

Black universal
cultural esteem
we all can remember
Sweet Vaseline

~Rachelle M. Turple


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