Picture the ugliest ugly

Even uglier

I’ll make it heavier

Multiply it by 10

So that it really



Imagine something

Grotesque and unpleasant

Repugnant and monstrous

Ominous and loathsome

Sordid and horrid

The revolting stench

of something repugnant

Rancid and rank

Disgusting and putrid

This is the reeking

Reality of hatred

Impetuous rage

Riotous maniacal

Uncontrollably vicious



Hate is



Biting and ruinous

It’s gonna ruin US

It’s screwin’ US

Poisoning US

Nauseating US

Devastating US

Killing US

Rotting us from the outside in

And they say that sex is


Original sin

But way back in Genesis

Abel was slain

And for what?

The jealousy and hatred

Of his own brother Cain






Perverse illegality

Leads to certain


The assured extinction of humanity


Hatred is ugly

But I want you to see


Immorality fiddles up our

Chances at


If that ain’t an incentive to be

Just a little bit righteous

I don’t know what is

But hopefully

This might just…

~Rachelle M. Turple


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6 responses to “Hatred

  1. Gaston Willis

    Thank you writer for your honesty, insight, detailed intelligence; you’re very brave. The truth has this way of smothering our imagination with negativity so at times we keep quiet about half of it so the other half can be enjoyable. The more I read the more I realized this was not one woman’s imagination it was the reality of all through one person’s third’s eye. So expect the ‘seeing blind’, the haters, the sheep and the socially conditioned not to enjoy being forced to be confronted, influenced, aware, or by association with the truth or anything to do with the truth. Who wants to know this is really happening ? Shuuuu. Should this ever get into the media what an epidemic it would cause and all the money the media has spend to keep us distracted so it continues would be such a a shame.

  2. Oh my, now that is some otherworldly hatred that is. It kinda reminded me of the of a movie I shouldn’t have watched this past weekend. You take me back to a moment in time, and I think that’s what a good writer looks to do. I was engrossed in your descriptions, and toward the end you reminded me of another film I saw. The movie was The Conjuring,and the film was Slavery By Another Name. Avoid the former, see the latter.

    Nova Scotia…..The Maritimes…..Canada.

    Let me just say that Nova Scotia–Halifax to be exact–is one of my most favorite cities on the planet. I used to go up there all the time back when I was in the Air Force. It was a thing called Spring Thaw or something like that. Though I don’t care for water all that much, I loved Nova Scotia. The Black people up there were proud and friendly. I met a Black woman on one visit, and I would have moved if Canada didn’t make it so hard to migrate or is it emigrate? Africville was an eyeopener for some reason, I don’t know why I would have thought that they treat Black people any better north of the border. The accent that Black people had up there was almost as strange as the accent that the Black people in South London had to my American, southern ears.

    I have often wondered how the community has been coming along since I last visited. It’s been a few years since I saw the place, but my heart has remind over the years.

    Okay, I’ll stop rambling now, but please let me know how things are in Scotia. And nice to meet you. Great writing by the way.

    • Wow – thank you mostly for the kind words about my native Nova Scotia! She’s still a beautiful place with some of the nicest, proudest people on Earth 🙂 I live in Ontario now and I miss home like you could never imagine… I love the fact that you’ve been there and loved it. I am so greatful for my upbringing in North Preston.

      I wrote this poem during the Bush administration and I felt like the world was teetering on the edge of complete anti-Islamic sentiment and it was sickening to my sensibilities.
      That poem defines hatred from my POV and how ugly it is when “unpacked”. I hope that everyone who reads it thinks twice before and after being THAT ugly.

      Thanks again, please keep reading…

      • You are very welcomed sis.

        I’ll have to dig in to your blog and get some of that brain of yours.

      • By all means – DIG IN!
        Follow the page or Blacklit101 on Twitter to read the many more articles coming your way 🙂

        Thank you again – it’s always flattering to have someone say something nice about your work but, even nicer when they speak highly of your native Land… That’s amazing 🙂

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