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Eurocentric Brainwash: WE simply don’t need YOUr sensitivity.

Piggybacking on my recent article “Eurocentric Brainwash: The Bain Of Black Existence In North America” I want to extend further thought on this topic.
Recently a feminist blogger, who shall remain nameless, published a critique on a chart topping pop song and displayed much angst about the supposed critical analysis of over indulgent Hip Hop and stereotypical Black High society.
Why has this gotten under my skin you ask? Because Black People do not enjoy or aspire to be blog fodder for people who have nothing to add to the advancement of Black People in North America other than opinion.

I have never considered myself a feminist, in fact, those who know me know that I am more of a Womanist than a feminist and it always grabs my attention when women who never extended an open invitation for Black Women at the table of sisterhood and solidarity suddenly jump on the bandwagon of cultural cohesion and race equality. It appears that it’s only a valid discussion when they have attention or something to garner for their interests.

Here’s my issue, we know that the feminist movement was designed to combat the oppression of females by males but; Black males haven’t systematically oppressed me and therefore I don’t see the value in misaligning myself with people who may in fact be working to oppress my brethren in the same ways that Black Women have been oppressed.
Call me old fashioned ladies but, in my version of a perfect world, I would be able to be at home every day raising, educating and supporting my children. My husband would come home to a hot meal promptly at 6pm and my full time job would be playing my traditional gender role as a wife, mother and woman of the community. Yes, people will argue that my backward thinking is foolish and obviously I have gained benefit from the feminist movement because in theory, I now have the “right” to be considered socially and politically equal to men BUT my “rights” to be considered socially and politically equal to those of white women have remained widely unchanged.
As you’ve likely deduced, my issue isn’t that the blogger came to the defense of Hip Hop and stereotypical Black High society (does this even exists other than at Snoop Lion’s house?) Many of us on the Black community have been asking some Hip Hop artists to try and be more socially responsible for a while now but that’s a whole other article! (Mostly because they have a vast platform and far reaching audience so, what better way of streaming social consciousness to young Black people?)
A public outcry of racism from a white looking Latina feminist supposedly depicted in a song is really what insults me. Black People and Black rappers aren’t one in the same. Black people are so much more than our musical contribution to globalized society. We are worth much more than a writer using us as a podium to further his or her own agenda of recognition or to advance their own status as a “freedom fighter” when they haven’t really done the work. In terms of Black People, for eurocentrism, racism, imperialism and all the “isms” to unfurl, it will be on the backs, shoulders and consciousness of Black People. It is our duty to cohesively build communal and supportive systems of our own reckoning and of our own design. In order for white supremacy to end its reign, we must first detach ourselves from the belief that it’s a valid ideology in the first place. We must abandon the thought that it’s ok for others to come to our aid and rescue as it’s not in their best interests to do that for, we outnumber them. We are not a minority.
This is not the work of a feminist, this is the work of Black Men and Black Women and Black Children to deconstruct together.

When it comes to social commentary, I’m pretty liberal but when it involves the pulling of the proverbial “race card” by a non-Black someone who appears white and I’m sure has received the privilege that comes along with that reality, I must call foul. Being overly “politically correct” on our behalf isn’t necessary. We do not need you for that. You aren’t Black so, who are you to define what Blacks define as racist? Isn’t that in itself an act of racism; Thinking that Blacks are inferior to you and cannot possibly formulate these conclusions for themselves? I’m a Black light skinned Sister, and I actually know what I’m talking about.

Light reflected is enlightenment infinite.


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