The Black Woman Cries

Black Woman Cries

A yellow woman approached me

Slanted were her eyes

And asked why she had never seen a black woman cry.

I could answer not her question

And was taken quite aback

Does not every woman cry no matter yellow white or black?

We absolutely do cry.

What else consoles our pain?

We pray for our oppressors and then we cry to calm our shame.

A black woman’s tears are sacred.

They cleanse her as she weeps

But sorrow sends to soil her soul and steadily it creeps.

She cries when she’s with wisdom

There’s none left to do but cry

Her lament surrendered honest, it needs not an alibi.

After pondering the ponder

I believe I’ve found reply

I know why it is you’ve never seen a black woman cry.

Seldom are her whispers heard

Far too often she’s invisible

The world around her seems to think that she’s somehow invincible.

She runs nowhere when she’s wounded

Pain enough to want to die

Silently she suffers as she finds the will to try.

Perhaps you’ve never noticed

Truly coming eye to eye

Maybe that is why you’ve never seen a black woman cry

She cries because she knows

People think she doesn’t cry

And she doesn’t need

or feel

or think

or know

or want

or die.

~Rachelle M. Turple


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11 responses to “The Black Woman Cries

  1. Reblogged this on Determined to Implement and commented:
    Here is a powerful poem by Rachelle M. Turple #blackgirlzrock

    Do you want to be a published author or poet?

  2. Great Pick BlackLit101!!!

    • I think I wrote that poem nearly 10 years ago… I’m sitting on a lot of womanist musings! LOL
      I’d like to learn more about Fortitude Publications… Definitely

      • Were still small. Finishing up book and about to start promotion. Want to be a venue for AA women to share their stories. My geared to prepare AA women to build their own empire. Check out both sites.

  3. Heidi

    Rachelle, I think this poem speaks volumes of your talent. But above that, it speaks of pain, power and also pride. Three p’s = A+

    This should be sung, and I know you have the voice for it. One day I will wait to hear you sing again xxx

    • Thank you Heidi! I appreciate everything you’ve said All of the encouragement! Good friends are the truest of blessings and I’m glad that you find my words and voice inspirational. Makes me wanna shine my lil all the more 🙂

  4. Kushite Prince

    That was very moving and heartfelt.You’ve obviously been writing for years. You have a true gift. Keep it up!

    • Thank you again, your words are appreciated.
      Yes, I have been writing since I was about 6 or so and poetry has always been my first love with essays coming in second 🙂
      I’m glad that you appreciate my work, please continue reading and sharing as I plan to keep on writing!

      • Kushite Prince

        You are very talented and it shows in all your writing. It’s a honor to read such lovely words. And you’re doing a great service by sharing it with others. I will definitely be reading all your future posts.

      • It’s a pleasure to share! Feel free to share as well 🙂
        Follow me on Twitter @ BlackLit101
        A lot of sharing going on there too! lol

      • Kushite Prince

        I’m way ahead of you! I’m already following you on Twitter!lol

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