She is a Woman who is who she is

Does what she wants and lives how she lives

She is a Woman with so much to give

Open and freely she wonderfully gives

She is a Woman who wears what she wears

Treasures her body and looks as she dares

She is a Woman who sensually shares

Erotic to all she evokes to ensnair

She is a Woman who openly cares

Loves who she wants to and faces her fears

She is a Woman who believes in herself

Takes risks and chances because she trusts herself

She is a free spirit who knows that to Be

She must exist in a veracious pure state of She

She understands that she can’t possibly Be

An underrated cheapened shallow version of She

She is a believer in diligent prayers

Knows God is listening and comforts her tears

She is a warrior her victory clear

Always ready for action never caught unaware

She knows her lover must honestly be

The truest most masculine version of He

She submits to her man because she trusts that He

Will do what he must to take care of She

She respects her virtue and knows her true worth

Understands that as woman she mothers the Earth

She is crowned royal because of her birth

And celebrates life with a tangible mirth

How dare that Woman feel at home in her skin

Accept who she is both outside and in

If only all Women could beautifully be

Her truest and honest authentic own She

~Rachelle M. Turple


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11 responses to “She.

  1. Wow…I love this She. Where can I get her? Definately she’s awesome.

  2. Reblogged this on Words That Flow Like Water and commented:

  3. Domica

    Empowering… I needed this today. thank you:)

    • We need this EVERYDAY which is exactly why I wrote Her. She is You and Me and Her and That Girl and so-and-so’s Mama! She is We and We all need to be uplifted time and again… I’m so glad you like Her 🙂

  4. I love “She”.
    That was wonderful 🙂

  5. Gaston Willis

    How can we not love this if not for she this would not have been written or read. I could go on and on because there are so many reasons to love she. I just wish more of us read this, because at time she does not get the respect she deserves for the amount of loves she gives us.

  6. Heidi

    The beauty of “she” represents every shade yet the blood runs red, the tears flow clear and the hearts beats loud in all of us. “R” continue your journey, your path is going to be colorful and bright. Love you.

    • Thank you Heidi! You know that means the world to me, keep reading! I hope you find some inspiration here! Follow the blog, leave any feedback you believe is valuable. Love You! ~Rachelle

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